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Values – Monroe Vineyard Church:

Kingdom Theology & Practice:

We believe that  the Kingdom of God is breaking into our lives everyday when we pray, exercise His gifts and love one another though “not yet” perfectly it is “already” coming forth from what will one day be perfect.  We live in that tension between the “already” and the “not yet”.

Culturally Relevant Mission:

Our worship, our messages, our  service and our life together must  be relevant to today’s culture in  the 21st Century in Monroe



Compassionate Ministry:

Compassionate ministry was at the center of much  of what Jesus did and He calls us to serve the poor,  the outcast, and those who need help of any kind.  In addition to various projects in our community we  also support the Sunrise Women’s Shelter and other organizations here is  Monroe.

Reconciling Community:

Reaching out to the community in reconciling others to Christ and His church  here in Monroe is one of our most  rewarding values.  We have renovated our facility in order to create Fresh Start Coffeehouse, where we are employing people in recovery or reentry into our communitly.

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