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Our God - Chris Tomlin

The Vineyard movement came into being a little over 25 years ago in Southern California. The founder, John Wimber, was a professional musician who played numerous instruments, although primarily saxophone. He played and helped manage the Righteous Brothers in the 60’s and early 70’s. He brought this contemporary style of music into the Christian world of worship, breaking new ground in those days and becoming a standard for both modern and post-modern churches all over the world.
Worship in the Vineyard is not just singing songs. Many of our songs are sung to God rather than just about Him. Our theology and beliefs are sung in our worship times. We corporately come before our living God and draw near to Him. Worship is a large part of our service. Typically we will have 20-30 minutes of opening worship and then continue after the message with another 10+ minutes of worship before we pray for each other. It is infused throughout all we do and all we are. Please check out the Vineyard Music website to sample our music.


Monroe Vineyard Worship Announcement
Auditioning for our Worship Team – especially needed are guitarists – Contact Paula Holtz 734-461-6020 or Bob Keely if interested.  Saturday morning practice at 9:00 AM, but please call first.

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